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The most powerful Energy and Spiritual Healers, servicing clients between New York and USA and the Australia, including Houston, and Washington. We also offer home or business clearings in these areas, and distance healing for those anywhere in the world who can’t visit us in person.


When a negative life experience occurs it leaves an emotional imprint on the affected person. Over time this imprint will be reinforced by any further life events. If left unresolved the inner trauma will manifest itself in any new experiences and create a mental, spiritual and bodily block that affects attitude, decision making and general wellbeing.


If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it is advised to contact us for a healing:


Feeling low or down, suffering anxiety or depression

An unshakable feeling of tiredness

Unexplainable feelings of loneliness or emptiness

Loss of focus or direction in life

Memory problems

Poor concentration

Impulsive or compulsive behavior

Drug abuse

Hearing negative inner voices

New attitudes or prejudices

Mood swings

The spiritual and energy healings we provide include an age old method for releasing and unblocking stagnant negative energy. Once you are free of this degrading influence your life’s nature will improve drastically, allowing you to lead a better and joyful life, as well as finding and fulfilling your life purpose. Our traditional healing methods work regardless of your religion and beliefs. All you require is an open mind and a wish to be healed. For more information including fees please see the healing services we offer.


We are passionate about helping you achieve a happy and fulfilling life. When you leave our healing space not only will you be clear of any negative influences, but we will also give you the tools needed so you can keep your energies high.

Email: mamaazar29@gmail.com

Website: http://mamaazarpowerfulhealer.com

Twitter: azar_mama

Phone/WhatsApp on +27843440521/+256760173386 

Mama Azar: https://g.page/r/CSRnHD-4HN9gEBI/review

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